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A dimpled vessel for storing water, made of aromatic Bùcaros de Indias clay. Mexico, 17th century. © V & A Museum


Water tastings by Arabeschi di Latte at 'The Source', in the ceramics gallery at the V & A Museum


V&A Late, 'Every Last Drop', 27 October 2017 

'Water Futures: Fresh Ideas from Ancient Objects'

For the V&A’s water-themed Friday Late, we curated and presented a tour exploring water through the museum’s collections, showing how ideas and technologies embedded in historical objects are relevant today. To encourage the audience to reconsider our current relationship to water and rethink single-use plastic, the tour included an Egyptian rock crystal ewer and Mexican terracotta vessels. The session concluded with a water tasting by Arabeschi di Latte at ‘The Source’. Waters prepared according to ancient rituals, blessed with special energies, naturally purified, or infused with an aphrodisiac encouraged the reconsideration of the everyday ritual of water drinking, and revealed the rich water culture that we have lost.