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Exhibition installation at the Science Gallery Dublin


Studio Swine collected sea plastic to make chairs for The Sea Chair Project


Surface Tension: The Future of Water, Science Gallery Dublin, 2011 – 2012

Co-curated by Ralph Borland, Michael John Gorman, Bruce Misstear and Jane Withers, Surface Tension: The Future of Water brought together works by artists, designers, scientists and engineers exploring the future of water, its role in politics and economics, and ways in which it may be harnessed, cleaned and distributed. The exhibition was organised thematically around seven themes: drink, dirty, hidden, map, play, predict, reflect. Featured projects highlighted issues from water scarcity to ocean plastic pollution. Surface Tension toured to the Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre, New York, in 2012 and to the Kitchener Museum, Ontario in 2013 -14.

Photography courtesy of Science Gallery Dublin and individual artists

Model of a trawler converted into the
Sea Chair factory


Advert for a fictitious bottled water company by Colin Hart

Water from a Dublin canal cleaned and offered to gallery visitors by Colin Hart

Bottled Waste, by Hal Watts invited visitors to supply the energy to produce a litre of either bottled or tap water


HighWaterLine Dublin by Eve Mosher mapped climate change by drawing projected flood levels on the streets of Manhattan

Tsunami Stones by Ko Sasaki showed ancient markers of previous flooding

Infographics by Detail Design showed the natural distribution of water

Smarter Water by IBM and Dublin City Council explored the management of Dublin's water infrastructure

Pouch, an alternative form of tap by Olivia Decaris raised awareness of water use

Water Wear water pump by Kimmit Sayers, Brian Corcoran, Andrew Clarke and Lar Boland enabled visitors to experience firsthand the workload endured in many developing countries

Made from sponge, the topography of this world map by Matthew Laws and Hal Watts visualised individual countries' thirst by 2030

The Problem with the PlayPump by Ralph Borland, analysed representations of the PlayPump, a children's roundabout which pumps water

For Irish Holy Wells Ronan Foley documented and mapped holy
water sites

Basin, a mural by Lane Hall and Lisa Moline recorded the perils and politics that confront water resources in the 21st century

Trinity Library, Trinity College Dublin