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Project Ocean campaign included windows at Selfridges Oxford Street

Flotsam used 5000 plastic water bottles, How About Studio

Poster catalogued common plastics in the ocean, Studio Smäll


Selfridges Project Ocean Exhibition and Water Bar, 2015

As part of the Project Ocean initiative, a long-term partnership between Selfridges and The Zoological Society of London to protect the marine environment, we collaborated on the campaign ‘Be Part of the Sea Change – see through the plastics problem’. Our brief included curating an exhibition in the Oxford Street store exploring marine plastic pollution and illuminating alternative futures through a series of projects by artists and designers including Studio Swine and animator Alice Dunseath proposing how marine plastic, now considered rubbish, might be harvested as a valuable resource.

To reinforce Selfridges’ decision to stop selling single-use plastic water bottles in its stores and to promote alternative solutions, we collaborated with design studio Arabeschi di Latte to create a Water Bar which encouraged visitors to reconsider the everyday ritual of drinking water and to imagine life without the plastic water bottle. At the Ocean Awards 2016, Project Ocean was honoured with the Corporate and Social Responsibility Award. 

Emerging from Project Ocean 2015, the ZSL #OneLess campaign, launched in partnership with Marine CoLABoration, aims to make London the first plastic water bottle free capital by 2021.

Photography Paola Pieroni and Andrew Meredith

Selfridges Project Ocean

#OneLess Campaign

Plastic Shores – Micro-plastics, Alice Dunseath

Map showing locations of five   ocean gyres where plastic collects in vast floating garbage patches

A map showed the location of the 5 ocean gyres where plastic collects in vast floating garbage patches

jane withers-logos9.jpg

Representing the South Pacific Gyre, this object using marine plastic, Studio Swine


Gyrecraft film, Studio Swine and Petr Krejci

Solar Extruder, a manual machine for melting plastic using solar power aboard the Sea Dragon, Studio Swine

Model of the Sea Dragon research vessel, Studio Swine and Andrew Friend

Inside the Sea Dragon; Science Lab


The Water Bar: concept by Jane Withers with design by Arabeschi di Latte


At The Water Bar, water sprites served a menu of waters treated with therapeutic herbs


The Water Bar menu

Vessel wall displayed alternatives to the plastic water bottle

Natural gourd flask and Italian water jug