Brompton Design
South Kensington Estates (SKE) commissioned us to collaborate on the development of the Brompton and South Kensington areas of London. Our brief was to develop a creatve strategy to increase the associaton with contemporary design in an area renowned for its Museums, and help nurture a thriving creative quarter where experimental design and innovative retail meet. Together with local partners and SKE, we set up the Brompton Design District and since 2007 we have curated a dynamic design programme that has helped revitalise the area and attract new design retail. The Brompton Design District has been recognised as an internatonal design destnaton, and a model for new design districts.

An important part of the strategy for signalling change has been to make use of empty properties, stage temporary exhibitions and events, and create a platform for ideas and experimentation. The initiative has included some 150 guerrilla exhibitions from renowned designers to projects by students and emerging designers, as well as off-site collaborations with museums and galleries.

'Given it's fantastic proximity to the big inspirational institutions, this area should be associated with contemporary creativity, so it's good to see it at last teaming with creativity again, and the benefit to the area is already palpable.'

Tom Dixon

Lighting installation by Michael Anastassiades in a former jewellery shop 1 2 3 4 5