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Loo Café x Water Loop, Hyderabad Design Week for World Design Assembly, 9-13 October 2019

Loo Café x Water Loop is an initiative to create a new model for public toilets in Hyderabad, designed in collaboration with Anupama Kundoo Architects and Ixora FM, commissioned by and created in collaboration with British Council and supported by the Government of Telengana. Building on the original Loo Café by Ixora FM, Loo Café x Water Loop is designed to be a low-cost and socially empowering addition to the busy urban streetscape.  As well as providing high quality free public toilets Loo Café x Water Loop also showcases sustainable practices making them a visible, engaging and interactive part of the building’s design. The concept will be presented in an exhibition during Hyderabad Design Week, followed by a working prototype opening in Hyderabad in 2020.

Designed to capture the attention and imagination of both Design Week attendees and the wider public, Loo Café x Water Loop aims to inspire conversations around critical issues of sustainable sanitation, circularity and nature-based systems, the value of rain and how traditional practices are once again informing contemporary approaches.