London Design Festival 2016
17 September – 25 September

Brompton Design District celebrated a decade of pioneering contemporary design with a series of exhibits on the theme of Transformation taking place in empty shops and buildings in the area during the London Design Festival. Curated by Jane Withers since 2006, highlights of the 2016 programme included: Brompton Cocktail, a series of recipes to transform states of mind inspired by the original Brompton cocktail, an elixir served at the Royal Brompton Hospital for palliative care; Breathless, exploring the essence of glassmaking from production to use; Shit Museum and Dirty Furniture presenting Toilet Break, exploring the potential of Shit and how we might evaluate our most primordial activity.

Brompton Design District

Experimental Materials and Textiles, UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague)