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Image: Terracotta Matka, Hyderabad

Image: Terracotta Matka, Hyderabad


Ancient Futures Terracotta, commissioned by the British Council for Hyderabad Design Week and World Design Assembly, October 2019

The short documentary film, Ancient Futures Terracotta, will be launched at Hyderabad Design Week. The pilot in a possible Ancient Futures series, the first film on terracotta introduces ancient vernacular water practices and shows how these are being reinvented by designers today to create a more sustainable future.

The Ancient Futures water station serves both as a viewing station for the short film and promotes refreshing healthy water to combat the environmental scourge of plastic bottled water. At the station, conference visitors will be invited to pause and sip cool water served from a beautiful terracotta vessel while watching the Ancient Futures short film about how designers are reimagining ancient terracotta traditions. 

Alongside the film, the water station will feature a traditional terracotta matka serving cool potable water to visitors. As well as the hospitable gesture of offering water to guests, participating in the ritual will bring the film to life and encourage visitors to ditch the plastic water habit.

Film concept by Jane Withers Studio

Produced and directed by Standard Images Co., Chennai

Commissioned by the British Council

Hyderabad Design Week