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Image: Art Direction, Arabeschi di Latte; photo: Metz + Racine

Image: Art Direction, Arabeschi di Latte; photo: Metz + Racine


Water Futures, A/D/O New York, 2018 - 2019

Responding to the urgent issues around the drinking water crisis such as scarcity and pollution, the Water Futures programme at A/D/O explored the ongoing, multidimensional relationship between drinking water, city life, and its future possibilities, encouraging an imaginative and human-centric design approach to promoting and improving drinking water awareness worldwide. 

Starting in spring 2018, the year-long programme curated by Jane Withers Studio hosted a series of symposia, workshops, exhibitions, events, and a design challenge, creating a multi-disciplinary platform for designers to get involved in challenging and changing our toxic drinking water culture and enabling the shift to a refill culture. A research paper dedicated to the themes covered throughout the year will be published shortly, providing a valuable resource for designers addressing these topics in the future.