Jane Withers studio is a design strategy consultancy and curatorial agency. We conceive and deliver creative strategies from shaping architectural projects and urban place-making to leading design development and curating design programmes.

Starting with the client and context, we can oversee every stage from future vision and creative concept through architect and designer selection, design development, production and delivery.

Our excellent track record in design strategy and international network of the world’s leading architects and designers means that as collaborators we can transform your brand outlook.

Our portfolio includes major architectural projects and interior environments for global brands and private clients, as well as critically acclaimed design programmes and exhibitions.


We are interested in the way creative intelligence can impact and enrich our lives. Our aim is to create environments and experiences that captivate and resonate, bringing cultural richness as well as meeting commercial goals. We are particularly interested in the role of design as a means for encouraging positive change and revitalisation, and shaping a sustainable future.

Our approach is characterised by creative dialogue, collaboration, passion, care and commitment.

Jane Withers

Photo: Paola Pieroni