Jane Withers

JANE WITHERS is a design consultant, curator and commentator on design. Jane graduated in art history at the Courtauld Institute and has an MA in design history from the Royal College of Art / Victoria & Albert Museum. After a successful career as a journalist, Jane set up her own design consultancy in 2001 working with innovative brands, companies and institutions internationally to advise on strategy, creative direction and design development, and curate design programmes, exhibitions and collections.

She has curated critically acclaimed exhibitions including In Praise of Shadows on light and energy at the V&A Museum, '1% Water' on shaping a sustainable future at Z33, Belgium, and Surface Tension: The Future of Water at Science Gallery Dublin and Eyebeam, New York. She is co-founder of Wonderwater, an initiative to develop projects around the world aimed at raising awareness of global water issues and design for a sustainable future.

Jane teaches and speaks internationally, and has served on numerous juries, and advisory boards.